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Bornholm’s scenic splendour is unique
Listen to the roar of the sea, feel the thrill of standing on the edge of a cliff, enjoy the skerry coastlines, feel Denmark’s finest sand between your toes and use the splendid dunes as a sheltered “bowl” in the summer or as a perfect sledding hill in the winter. Bornholm has natural woodland, beech and fir trees, heathland, meadows and fields, lakes, ponds and bogs. Tranquillity is ubiquitous, occasionally disturbed by only a roe deer... Bornholm also features plants and animals whose unique habitat requirements make this their only habitat in all of Denmark – and in some instances – Scandinavia.

  • Bornholm is a unique part of Denmark, comprising small portions of almost every type of Scandinavian landscape – and they are all within walking or cycling distance.